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So whether you are a person in need of assistance whilst on holiday or a carer that needs support on your holiday, we can offer short term care as well. Often, due to lack of services, it is not possible to come to Lanzarote. If you wish to spend your holiday here but are unable to because you need support, we are here to help.

We would like to contribute to making your holiday a relaxed , unforgettable and stress free experience.

With our mobile care service for all of Lanzarote we can render this possible in any hotel or holiday home. Our certificated nurses / health attendants (approved german diploma) will be a valuable support of health care for you and your relatives.

Care and assistance will be offered within your own 4 walls, as you are accustomed to. Not only the sun, the beach and the light blue sky shall inspire you with holiday feelings, but also the certainty to be well taken care of during the holidays. We are not only characterized by our many years of experience in care for disabled and diseased persons, but are up to date and on highest level within the area of health care through permanent continuing education in care services and care quality. Furtheron our team speaks german, english and spanish, which makes it possible for us to care for guests from different nations. Enjoy the sunny south not only during summer time, but also in winter. Lanzarote with its excellent climatic conditions throughout the year, is an ideal holiday destination. As a company providing services the well being of our guests and the close contact to the person is highest priority.

How is care carried out , and what do you have to pay attention to so that we can guarantee you a qualified assistance?

As our services have to be organized, and only in real emergencies we can send someone out of schedule, we must know when you want to receive your services, and how much time you plan for each service, and what should be done during the service. We generally bring to account the spent time, which means that we dont have fixed time frames for the respective services. This differs completely from the mode of operation of the german ambulant health care-system. As we account our action by time, you can influence the pace and therewith ensure a stress free flow of work.

Thus you co-decide about the care-ambience. However , due to organizatory factors we are obliged to stick to appointments, so you should talk about any changes in agreements with our office, and have it confirmed by them. Only in this way we can give also to you the guarantee that the service personnel will arrive on schedule.

For this reason and for reasons of familiarization we plan the first health care-actions more generously. But we also have to insist on that a too short time frame like for example showering and getting dressed in 15 minutes, cannot be accepted and has to be adapted to the necessities. The time will be calculated by the daily time, for example 60 min. in the morning and 15 min. in the afternoon plus 15 min. in the evening make a total of 90 min./1.5 hours. Minimum calculation-unit is 15 min, the calculation-time is also 15 min. ( 20 min. make 30 min., 10 min. make 15 min.) Service-schedules can be made with 5 minute cycle, for example 9.05 am. If you or us wish to, we can keep an action-protocol at your place, where you and the service personnel can write down chronological records. This increases transparency and is not a motion of no-confidence in our eyes.


Of course you also dont have to be without health care auxiliary tools during your holiday. We gladly lease to you the required rolling chair, toilet-stool or shower chair during thas time. On page sale & rental of mobility & home aids you find our offers of leasing auxiliary tools, which we bring directly to the hotel or the holiday complex.


Here you have the chance to complete booking and reservation for the care of mobility aids download!

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