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At the initial consultation we help you decide which services you need by getting to know you and your abilities. Over a period of time these needs may change and we will adjust the services given accordingly. We work out a plan that suits you. It may just be in the short term as you need help rehabilitating after an illness or operation, or it may be long term. Very often nowadays it is the offspring who are asking for help for their parent/s as they are finding it increasingly difficult to cope. They have many questions:


  • Will my mother/father be able to remain in their home?
  • What modifications are available to suit their needs?
  • How will the service be paid for?
  • Do they have insurance to cover any of the services?
  • How do I apply for a grant towards their care?
  • I´m finding it hard to cope, can you help me?


These are just some of the questions we are asked and able to help with. We want both your relative and yourself to have peace of mind and feel secure in the knowledge that we are there for you. In our experience, in most cases, it is possible for the person to remain at home throughout the rest of their lives. Together, with you, we will develop a plan that helps both yourself and the person receiving the care.

For people with dementia or Alzheimer disease, familiar surroundings are important. Working with you, we can help find solutions to aid both their wellbeing and yours. This can be extremely stressful for the caring person as well. We are here to support you. If they need fulltime care we can also help with the transition.

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(+34) 682 000 788

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