Care of elderly and sick people


An extension of medical patient-centered care. This is, according to requirements, the basic care , such as personal hygiene, preparation of meals etc, and, for us the main focus, human presence.

In many years of experience in the area of elderly and diseased-assistance, we have noticed repeatedly to our regret that there is much too little time left for personal contact.

Medical care alone is not enough to give a person well-being. In many cases the present abilities can be preserved for long through practice. That often can be achieved with simple means as walks, visits to cultural events or swimming.

Especially for dementia and Alzheimer patients it is important to stay in their familiar environment. We would like to find solutions together with you, in order for you and your relatives to feel well. At this point terminal care is a topic which due to ignorance causes rejection.

We support the relatives and facilitate the going home in a familiar, warm ambience.




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(+34) 682 000 788

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