Additional services

Do you need help with requests for care-funds, or do you need a care- attestation?

Send us to go shopping, let us do your errands, or , or...


Domestic supply

Especially elderly people find changes difficult, and put up inner resistance against care homes. But it does not always have to be a care home-often a domestic supply like house cleaning, shopping or cooking is enough to make it possible for the person to stay in their own home.


Carer support

Being the sole carer of someone you love is hard work. At first it is hard to come to terms with their illness. After a time, as much as you love and want the best for them it starts to take a toll on your health. You need a break too. If you become ill, it will not help them. It´s good to know we can be there to either support for you or offer practical help by giving you a break, even if only a few hours a week. We can also help by giving advice on where to go for help. Maybe financially or by introducing you to a local society like the Alzheimer disease society.


Personal escort

We are available to accompany you to a doctors/hospital/physiotherapy or opticians appointment. Or maybe you would just like to go for a walk. We are here for you. Translation services are also available.



Relatives holidays - taking charge of care


For short or longer times of absence of relatives or to relief assistants per hours or all day long (according to agreement). This tendance does not include any caring or domestic supply actions.






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