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Often a stroke of fate can turn a household upside down. A member of the family develops an illness, becomes infirm or becomes increasingly dependent. Often the partner or family member is at a loss to come to terms with this new responsibility or is unable to cope. It is difficult to decide what the best course of action is for all concerned.


How can I keep my mother/father/partner at home if I cannot cope? Should I consider a retirement/nursing home? Could I send them to a retirement/nursing home? How can I disrupt their usual routine and take them out of familiar surroundings? Take them out of the home that they have helped build. Take them away from neighbours and friends. Take them away from the security and familiarity. Away from the place that is home.


We can offer you 24 personalized assisted living: cooking or providing of food and food preparation in case of need to diet plans, bite-sized food preparation and help with the absorption of food, basic care & treatment, free provision of our existing nursing aids. Activating care (support for maintaining physical and mental abilities). Several times a week, various entertainment programs. Shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing, changing and washing of clothes and linen. Help with getting up and going to bed, repositioning, dressing, walking or moving in the house, climbing stairs, accompanied by the doctor, physiotherapy etc.

Quality at fair prices

Secure human and qualified support and care at affordable costs! Fair price-performance ratio, variable price ranges.




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(+34) 682 000 788

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